Intro to Paid CDL Training

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There are two main categories of truck driving schools you can choose from: paid CDL training and private CDL training. Below, we’ll go over the basics of why paid CDL training is worth your consideration.

What paid CDL training is

Also known as company-sponsored CLD training, paid CDL training refers to truck driving schools owned and operated by trucking companies. These companies will sponsor your CDL training by paying upfront costs and even paying you a wage during the training process. In return, students sign a contract agreeing to work for the sponsoring company for a specified amount of time, usually up to a year.

Benefits of paid CDL training

One of the big advantages of paid CDL training is that the company sponsoring you will be invested in your success. If you go to a private school, the company that hires you afterward doesn’t lose anything by firing you over rookie mistakes. Additionally, you have the advantage of training on modern company equipment.

Downsides of paid CDL training

Paid CLD training is designed to get you into a truck fast. Future employees could look down on paid CLD training programs that didn’t meet their own hiring standards. You can circumvent this issue by enrolling in a reputable program, but you may need to travel far away to do this.

Paid CDL training requirements

You don’t need a lot to enroll in a paid CDL training program. A valid driver’s license, clean driving record, and ability to pass a physical test and drug screen test are the main requirements for most company sponsored programs.

Whether you attend a private school or enroll in a company-sponsored program, you’ll find truck driving to be a lot more enjoyable at the wheel of one of our eighteen-wheelers at Grande Truck Center in San Antonio, Texas.

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