3 Crucial Spring Maintenance Tasks for Your Diesel Truck

Spring Maintenance For Diesel Trucks

We’re halfway through winter, but that also means we’re halfway to spring. When the seasons finally change, you should use that transition as a reminder to schedule a checkup at Grande Truck Center. These are the most important spring maintenance tasks we’ll perform on your diesel truck.

Inspect and replace the tires

It gets a bit cold in San Antonio in the winter, and that change in temperature can weaken vehicle tires, especially if they’ve already been compromised. It’s important that each tire is thoroughly inspected for cracks, leaks, bulges, or worn tread. If the tires are pretty old, it’s a good idea to install a new set so your work truck is ready for the hot Texas summer.

Flush and refill the fluids

Part of caring for your hard-working truck is making sure all of its fluids are clean and filled. If any are low — such as the coolant — it’s important that they’re refilled. If the engine oil or transmission oil are dirty, make sure they’re drained and replaced with fresh oil. You don’t want to be doing any towing or hauling work with dirty oil, because it’ll damage the powertrain system.

Recharge or replace the battery

The cold temperatures over the winter may have also sapped some of the charge from the truck battery. We’ll check the battery and make sure it won’t die unexpectedly. If the battery is older than five years, it’s probably time to replace it with a new one just in case.

Contact Grande Truck Center now so you can schedule an appointment and prepare your diesel truck for jobs this spring.

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