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Unusual Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving

Unusual Turkey Recipes Thanksgiving

Tired of the traditional Thanksgiving-Day turkey methods you’ve been using for years? Try a new approach to turkey this holiday. From spicy to sweet and savory to recipes that ditch the oven, there is a whole, new culinary experience waiting for you to discover.

Brining, Marinating and Basting

If you want a tender, juicy turkey, brining is the way to go. This involves submerging and turkey in a combination of liquid, salt, herbs and spices for a couple of days before roasting. Marinades are a bit less involved — you coat the bird with marinade and turn it periodically, instead of covering it. Basting is done while the turkey is in the oven. You can get creative with marinades and bastes. Try Southwest flavors like dried chilis, cumin, thyme, and oregano. Sweet sauces work great on turkey, too. Pomegranate molasses is delicious as a basting liquid, as is maple syrup with sage and onion.

No Oven Methods

You don’t have to have an oven to cook a turkey. Deep-fried turkeys have been popular for a while now, as have smoked turkeys. How about grilled turkey? Spatchcock the bird — a cooking technique that involves removing the backbone and pressing the turkey flat — then searing it on the grill. It speeds up the cooking time and the meat roasts more evenly.

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