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Top 3 Podcasts for Truckers

Podcasts for Truckers | San Antonio, TX

Driving on the road can get boring fast, especially when it’s all you’re doing all day, every day. For truckers, listening to the right podcast can make the difference between having an enjoyable time and just wishing for the day to end. Fortunately, there are many great podcasts for truckers out there, and below we will describe the top three that we think you should consider.

Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast

Political correctness? Bill Burr doesn’t know it. The comedian’s Monday Morning Podcast is a great listen if you’re looking for entertainment and covers a variety of topics. Burr will talk about anything and everything, from whatever happens to be on his mind to the latest sports results, from Baseball and Football to even Formula 1. You can expect about two 1-hour episodes per week.

Ask The Trucker with Allen Smith

If you’ve never listened to it before, Allen Smith’s Ask The Trucker podcast is a great find, with over 280 episodes of content to peruse, each lasting about 90 minutes on average. Smith has been discussing everything about trucking via his radio show since 2008, including going over the latest changes in technology and regulation that can impact you directly. And if you don’t want to play catch-up, you can always call him live and ask questions on Thursdays at 6 p.m. EST.

The NPR Politics Podcast

Staying up to date on politics is important but can be difficult while always on the go. The NPR Politics Podcast uploads content every day with news of the previous twenty-four hours and is famous for its commitment to a fair perspective — so you can enjoy it no matter your political leanings.

Are you interested in more podcasts for truckers or have questions about anything truck-related? Come down to Grande Truck Center and ask away!

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