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Top Accessories for Commercial Truck Drivers

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We’ve compiled a list of the top accessories to own for commercial truck drivers because no matter what your profession might be, you can probably agree that a worker is only as good as their tools.

Comfortable Mattress and Bedding

One of the most unique features of commercial truck drivers is that, well, you kind of work from home, in the sense that your rig is your home while you’re on the road. Just because you’re mobile doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable. A comfortable mattress will go a long way in making nights in your truck a better experience.

Device Dash Mounts

While navigating to new places might be easier now with cellphones and GPS to find directions, instead of paper maps, it’s important to stay safe by keeping your eyes on the road instead of at your smartphone or GPS device. That said, a device dash mount is a must-have if you’re a commercial truck driver. That way, you can focus more completely on the road to keep yourself and your cargo protected.

Semi-truck Gauges

These high-tech tools mount under your dash with a 6- or 9-pin diagnostic plug. It tracks your truck’s fuel economy, battery voltage, coolant temperature, and other vital information so you can easily access it via the push of a button. 

Not sure which accessory to invest in? Call us or stop by Grande Truck Center in person; one of our certified sales reps will help you narrow down which gadget you should purchase.

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