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Commercial Truck Maintenance Checklist

Commercial Truck Maintenance Checklist | San Antonio, TX

Keep your Ford commercial truck safe and on the road with this commercial truck maintenance checklist. With over 500,000 truck accidents a year, safety needs to be a top consideration. Regular maintenance also keeps your trucks in good condition and saves money.

A truck needs to be thoroughly inspected both before it goes on the road and after it returns from its journey, to help ensure safe travels. Here are just some of the maintenance items to inspect on your Ford.

  • Leaking fluids: Check under the truck to see if there are any visible leaks, the look at the levels of oil, antifreeze, and fuel. Make sure to start the vehicle to check that gauges are working properly.
  • Tire pressure and tread: Low tire inflation and worn treads are the number one cause of truck accidents, so make sure all trucks have good tires before they head out.
  • Lights and other systems: Make sure that all lights are in working order from headlamps to brake lights and turn signals. Make sure any warning lights are functional, too. Check for worn or loose wires.
  • Braking system: Make sure that the parking brake and the vehicle’s brakes are in working order. Inspect the linings and check the amount of air pressure in the system.

These are the most important inspections to do, but regular routine maintenance is important, as well. Contact Grande Truck Center today to schedule a service appointment for your Ford.

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